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2018 Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4

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  • –Read OBDII diagnostic codes – NONE –Check for leaks and note if fluid level low – NONE –Check the front and rear brakes – 6MM FRONT AND REAR BRAKES 11MM REMAINING –Check cruise control for proper operation – OK –Check vehicle electronics for proper operation – OK –Inspect the brake master cylinder and brake flex hoses – OK –Inspect the brake calipers and wheel cylinders – OK –Pressure test the cooling system and check for excessive hydrocarbons using the 5 gas anylizer – PASS –Load test the battery – PASS –Light inspection – OK –Inspect the outside drive belts -OK –Inspect the coolant hoses – OK –Inspect the front and rear shocks and or struts – OK –Inspect the front and rear suspensions – OK –Inspect constant velocity joint boots – OK –Inspect the steering linkage – OK –Inspect the exhaust system – OK –Inspect the transmission and differential fluid -with the exception of non-dipstick transmissions -OK –Inspect the tires, tire pressure, and set to proper psi – 32 –Check the 4 X 4 operation – if applicable –Check the idle speed – where applicable –Check the clutch – where applicable –Check the A/C temp 39 –Check for visible damage to vehicle – SOME SCRATCHES –Road test the vehicle ***COMPRESSION TEST CAN BE PERFORMED AT AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE** ***NOTE: THIS PREPURCHASE INSPECTION CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INTERMITTENT PROBLEMS THAT MAY NOT SHOW UP AT THE TIME OF INSPECTION, NOR CAN IT PROVIDE ANY WARRANTY THAT THE VEHICLE WILL STAY IN THE EXACT CONDITION AS IT WAS DURING THE INSPECTION. USED CARS ARE "USED" AND ANYTHING CAN BREAK AT ANY TIME AFTER OUR INSPECTION.
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