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2016 Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4

Service Date
Services Performed
  • – Inspect disk brake pads, front and/or rear – Inspect rear brake shoes if applicable – Inspect rotors for scoring – Inspect cylinder/boot for leaks – Inspect calipers – Inspect pad retainer condition – Inspect anti-rattle springs in bushings – Inspect wheel bearing end play – Inspect wheel free rotation/ front brakes measured 5-6mm, rear brakes measured 4-5mm.
  • Quote is for 5 quarts of Multi-grade synthetic motor oil per manufacturer specifications, additional quarts, grades extra — Drain and refill motor oil — Replace oil filter — Replace oil drain plug sealing washer if applicable
  • Charges are for proper disposal of hazardous waste generated during repairs/ service to your motor vehicle. Such charges include but not limited to,all engine and drive train fluids and any other hazardous waste as described by law.
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