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2010 Honda Fit

Honda Fit

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Services Performed
  • –Hook up fluid exchange machine to vehicle –Remove old transmission fluid –Install new transmission fluid –Unhook fluid exchange machine from vehicle –Road test vehicle
  • Quote is for 5 quarts of Multi-grade non-synthetic motor oil per manufacturer specifications, extra quarts, grades, or spcial synthetic oil extra –Oil and filter change – replace the drain plug gasket where applicable –CLEAN AND CHARGE the air filter –CLEAN AND CHARGE the cabin air filter –Pressure test the cooling system –Load test the battery –Rotate the tires NO –Inspect the tires and adjust the tire pressure –Check and top off all fluids –Check the front and rear brakes –Inspect the brake master cylinder and brake flex hoses –Inspect the brake calipers and wheel cylinders –Clean and adjust the rear brakes – where applicable –Inspect the drive belts –Inspect the vehicle's exterior lights –Inspect the front and rear shocks and or struts –Inspect the front and rear suspensions –Inspect constant velocity joint boots –Inspect the steering linkage –Inspect the exhaust system –Check and adjust the idle speed – where applicable –Check the A/C temp –Lube all door hinges –Reset the service light –Road test the vehicle
  • –Remove old brake fluid from reservoir –Check and clean the reservoir if applicable –Install new brake fluid –Power bleed the system
  • Charges are for proper disposal of hazardous waste generated during repairs/ service to your motor vehicle. Such charges include but not limited to,all engine and drive train fluids and any other hazardous waste as described by law.
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