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2008 Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta

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  • BATTERY – CHECK – [If equipped.] AUTOMATIC SHIFT LOCK – INSPECT – [Check operation including park/neutral position switch.] AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE FLUID – INSPECT – [Check and correct fluid level. Check for damage/leaks.] BRAKE SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check for damage/leaks, brake pad thickness, brake fluid level.] COOLING SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check coolant level; add if necessary.] DRIVE BELTS – INSPECT – [Check condition and tension; adjust if necessary.] DRIVESHAFT BOOTS – INSPECT ENGINE – INSPECT – [Check for oil/fluid leaks.] EXHAUST SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check for damage/leaks.] FRONT AXLE – INSPECT – [Check dust seals on ball joints and tie rod ends; check tie rods.] HALDEX CLUTCH OIL – INSPECT – [If equipped.] HEADLIGHTS – INSPECT – [Adjust if necessary.] LIGHTING SYSTEM – INSPECT – [Check function of interior lights and power outlets. Inspect exterior lights: Front and Rear.] MANUAL TRANSAXLE FLUID – INSPECT – [Check oil level; add if necessary; check for leaks.] ON-BOARD DIAGNOSTICS – INSPECT – [Check fault memory; purge if necessary.] POWER STEERING FLUID – INSPECT – [Check and correct fluid level.] TIRES/SPARE TIRE – INSPECT – [Check tread depth, adjust tire pressure if necessary. Check condition and pressure of spare tire.] UNDERBODY CONTACT POINTS & LINKAGE – INSPECT – [Check for damage/leaks.] WINDSHIELD WIPER & WASHER SYSTEMS – INSPECT – [Check fluid level; add if necessary.] WIPER BLADES – INSPECT – [Check condition.] HINGES & CHECKS – LUBRICATE SUNROOF RAILS – LUBRICATE – [Clean and lubricate roof frame. Where applicable] CABIN AIR FILTER – REPLACE – [If equipped.] DIRECT SHIFT GEARBOX (DSG) FILTER – REPLACE – [If equipped.] DIRECT SHIFT GEARBOX (DSG) FLUID – REPLACE – [If equipped.] SERVICE INTERVAL INDICATOR/DISPLAY – RESET – [Where applicable] VEHICLE – ROAD-TEST – [Check braking, kickdown, steering, electrical, heating and ventilation systems, air conditioning and power accessories.] TIRES – ROTATE
  • –Remove old brake fluid from reservoir –Check and clean the reservoir if applicable –Install new brake fluid –Power bleed the system
  • Charges are for proper disposal of hazardous waste generated during repairs/ service to your motor vehicle. Such charges include but not limited to,all engine and drive train fluids and any other hazardous waste as described by law.
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