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2007 Nissan Xterra

Nissan Xterra

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Services Performed
  • Services performed by ASE certified technician: –Use of hand held scan tools and/or laptop computer programs to access trouble codes causing check engine light –Use of computer diagnostic programs –Use of internet subscription technical sites –Use of up to one hour of ASE certified technician's time to determine the source of the problem causing the trouble code –Most but not all check engine lights or other driveability problems can be determined by the Check Engine Light/Level 1 Diagnostic service –Sometimes additional diagnostics may be required. SCAN TEST REVEALED CODE U1001,U1000 CAN BUS COMMUNICATION FAULT DETECTED. FOUND ENGINE DOES NOT CRANK. HAS NO POWER TO THE STARTER FROM IGNITION. ALSO FOUND BLOWN TCM FUSE #49 10AMP. FURTHER INSPECTION REVEALED COOLANT A LITTLE LOW AND THE TRANSMISSION FLUID IS OVERFILLED AND SMELLS BURNED DUE TO COOLANT CONTAMINATION. WE PERFORMED TECH BULLETIN SEARCH AND CONFIRMED THE TRANSMISSION PCM FUSE IS BLOWN DUE TO TRANSMISSION FAILURE. RECOMMEND REPLACE TRANSMISSION ASSEMBLY WITH RE-MANUFACTURED UNIT, FLUSH FLUID, REPLACE RADIATOR AND FLUSH THE COOLING SYSTEM. ALSO REQUIRES A TCM PROGRAMMING. CUSTOMER HAS DECLINED ANY FURTHER REPAIRS AT THIS TIME AND WILL BE TOWING THE VEHICLE TO SCRAP YARD.
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