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2007 Nissan Titan

Nissan Titan

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  • — Identify refrigerant in use and check for contamination — Evacuate and charge A/C system with refrigerant — Add ultra-violet A/C dye to system — Examine exposed hoses, tubing and connections for damage/leaks — Examine compressor/clutch for damage/leaks** — Examine compressor for missing caps, proper labeling** — Rotate the compressor to determine if faulty — Examine the condensor coil for damage/restrictions/leaks — Examine the expansion device for damage or leaks** — Examine the accum./receiver/drier for damage or leaks — Check the drive belt system — Inspect fan clutch for leakage and bearing wear — Check fan clutch for proper operation — Inspect the cooling fan for bent or missing blades — Examine accessible electrical connections — Check system for leakage at a minimum of 50 psi — Check operation of the compressor clutch — Check operation of blower motor and air control doors ** If accessible LEAKS DETECTED: ________YES___________ PARTS DEFECTIVE: _________CONDENSER __________ Final high side operating pressure reading: ___180___ PSI Final low side operating pressure reading: ___30___ PSI Final center air distribution outlet temperature: __28__ DEGREES F
  • CONDENSER – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models – [Includes: R&I Radiator.] – [DOES NOT include Air Conditioning System recover, evacuate and/or recharge.](LEAKING)
  • Quote is for 5 quarts of Multi-grade non-synthetic motor oil per manufacturer specifications, additional quarts, grades, or synthetic oils extra — Drain and refill motor oil — Replace oil filter — Replace oil drain plug sealing washer if applicable
  • Charges are for proper disposal of hazardous waste generated during repairs/ service to your motor vehicle. Such charges include but not limited to,all engine and drive train fluids and any other hazardous waste as described by law.
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