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All stories about SocialCRM FB Weekly Evergreen Articles on Automotive Service News and Tips

All stories about SocialCRM FB Weekly Evergreen Articles on Automotive Service News and Tips
  1. Make Your Car Last 200,000 Miles
    Not long ago, to keep a car running beyond the 200,000-mile mark would have seemed about as likely as driving it to the moon. But big improvements in powertrain technology, rust prevention, lubricants, and more have led to game changing improvements in reliability and durability. Now, almost any car can make it well into six-figure territory with proper care.
  2. April is National Car Care Month
    “April is the perfect time for car owners to take their vehicles in for servicing,” says ASE President Tim Zilke. “You can undo the wear-and-tear of winter driving while getting the family car ready for the summer months ahead.”
  3. Gas Prices are Going Up - Here are Some Tips to Save at the pump
    A few years ago I remember paying 1.50/lt and it’s supposed to go higher this time around. So here are some tips to saving gas while you drive:
  4. Pothole Season Is Here!
    When you see a pothole on the roadway, and can’t avoid it, what do you do? There are two “theories”: Either speed up, and hope to fly over it, or jam on your brakes and crawl through it. The real answer in somewhere in between. 
  5. Recognizing the Signs of Vehicle Engine Damage
    It’s not always easy to recognize when your vehicle is suffering from engine damage as symptoms can be overlooked and seen as “normal.” While not all sounds and smells may threaten the life of your engine, there are some obvious warning signs that require a vehicle inspection right away, according to the Car Care Council.
  6. Wet Weather Driving Tips
    Here are some tips you’ll want to follow the next time you’re caught driving in the rain.
  7. As New Car Prices Rise, Maintaining Current Vehicle Makes Financial Sense
    With the cost of a new vehicle on the rise, the non-profit Car Care Council reminds drivers that maintaining their current vehicle makes more economic sense than purchasing a new one
  8. How Far Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?
    Not all spare tires are created equal
  9. Thump! Ping! Hisss! What your car is telling you.
    In everyday driving, you get used to what your car sounds like when it's running properly. So when you hear a noise that's unusual—a whine, creak, or squeal, for example—consider it an alert that something has changed.
  10. Simple Steps to Save Gas Without Driving Less
    While consumers can’t control the price of gas, they can control how much gas they use by following some simple and inexpensive vehicle maintenance.

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