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Friday, 18th August 2017

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Driving On Empty

DING! Gas light comes on. "I can make it to work and back...no problem." I know EVERYONE has had this happen. You're thinking about how high gas prices have become. You're thinking about your bills that you have to pay, and how if you can just make it a little bit longer on this tank, you can save a few dollars. What would you say if I told you that you won't SAVE any money, and probably end up SPENDING money? Think about it...you are going to end up spending money on gas, no matter how long you actually drive after that light comes on, so the idea that you save money really isn't accurate. In actuality, you are hurting your car. See, sediment from gas can settle at the bottom of your gas tank. The lower the level of gas, the more dirt will get stirred up from the bottom of the tank. When you drive on a near empty tank, you risk this dirt and sediment getting into the fuel line, and possibly even the engine! At the very least, you will need to replace your fuel filter more often, which has an average cost of around $100, depending on if you do it yourself or have it done for you. You might end up having to flush your entire fuel system, which can cost $150-$200. Also, having fuel in your tank cools the fuel pump. Driving on empty obviously will cause it to not cool or lubricate properly. This can cost up to $600 or more to replace, depending on the model of your vehicle and labor costs. SO...be smart, and fill up sooner. It will end up SAVING you money to do so!

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